Please be sure to check this agreement at the time of purchase and release.


1. Do not subscribe to the YouTube Content Monetization Service (YouTube Content ID) and the Facebook Music product when streaming via subscription . (Please do not register even if you have purchased an exclusive use license.)

2. Please do not outsource the management to a copyright management organization such as JASRAC. (Copyright management service registration is prohibited)

3. Distribution to karaoke is prohibited.

4. Egyboi Cruz owns the music copyright even if you sing or rap. (Purchasing a license is not a transfer of copyright)

5. Re-releases such as remixes are not allowed, as one song (with rap or song) is licensed per license. (requires repurchase)

6. Resale of beats is prohibited.

7. Tracks with SOLD in the title are not available to non-license holders.

8. Only those who have read this notice to the end can officially use it.


Only exclusive license holders can use beats commercially.

Commercial use (subscription distribution, live use, PV and video distribution, use as BGM, sales, corporations and organizations, use at events, etc.)

If you purchase a license for commercial use, you can do paid distribution, free distribution, live performances, CD sales, etc., but please do not register for YouTube
content monetization service (YouTube content ID) and Facebook Music products.

Also, please do not entrust management to a copyright management organization such as JASRAC.
(Registration of copyright management services, etc. is prohibited.)

If you are going to distribute, please let us know the name of the release to avoid trouble.

About Licenses

If someone purchases an exclusive license, anyone who previously purchased a non-exclusive license will still be able to use the track/beat.


Mr. A purchased a non-exclusive license for the song XXX. Mr. B then purchases an exclusive license for XXX. In this case, Mr. A can continue to use XXX.

Once you buy an exclusive license, you can use it unlimitedly, and it will be easier to increase sales as a song, but in the case of a non-exclusive license, you will be prohibited from using Live, which will generate sales, and submitting on streaming sites such as spotify and apple music. is prohibited, it becomes difficult to increase sales.

When the song is finished

Credit Notation

お知らせのDon't forget to put "Produced by Egyboi" in the description.

If you are going to distribute, please let us know the name of the release to avoid trouble.

You may be asked for a track usage certificate when delivering with a subscription.

If you contact us, we will create a music usage consent form.

Free usage rules

Free Track / Beat can be used for non-commercial use, but there are some rules.

Songs marked as free track in the YouTube title can be used for free only if you sing or rap.

All use as BGM is for commercial use, so you need to purchase an exclusive license.

If it is for personal use only, you can use it for free.

Please be sure to contact us in advance when using.

・Track name to be used
・Artist name
・Use purpose


A fine of ¥100,000 will be collected if you use the track for commercial purposes without permission, even though you have not purchased a license.

Any works that have been used will be deleted.